Student Survey Sample Questions

Below you’ll find a selection of sample questions from each of the thematic sections comprising the Stanford Survey of Adolescent School Experiences.

Academic Worry

  • How often does the amount of schoolwork you have keep you from getting enough sleep?
  • How often do you worry about school assignments?
  • How much do you worry about getting into the college of your choice?

Homework and Extracurriculars

  • On a typical weekday, how many hours do you spend on homework (do not include time spent taking taking breaks, texting, using the computer for non-academic work, etc.)?
  • In how many of your classes does the assigned homework help you learn the material?
  • During a typical week, from Monday through Friday, how many hours do you spend participating in extracurricular activities? (Do not include hours spent doing jobs or paid work.)
  • What is the main reason you participate in extracurricular activities (Please select one answer):
    • My parents want me to
    • It looks good on college applications
    • I enjoy the activities
    • I can hang out with my friends
    • I can learn new things
    • Other (please specify)

Mental and Physical Health

  • How much sleep do you typically get on a weeknight? On weekends?
  • How much sleep do your peers typically get on a weeknight?
  • Where do you typically keep your phone when you go to sleep at night?
  • To what extent are you confident in your ability to cope with stress?
  • In the past month, how often have you experienced exhaustion? Difficulty sleeping? Headaches?

Student Engagement

  • How often do you try as hard as you can in school?
  • How often do you enjoy your schoolwork?
  • How often do you find your schoolwork valuable?

Teacher Care and Support

  • How many of your teachers…

    • Value and listen to students’ ideas?
    • Treat students with respect?
    • If you needed help with a personal problem, is there at least one adult at this school who you feel you could go to?

Belonging at School

  • I feel like I belong at this school.
  • I feel that other students at this school like me the way that I am.

Academic Integrity

  • During the past school year, how often have you engaged in any of the following actions?
    • Working on an assignment with others (peers, parents, etc.) when the instructor asked for individual work
    • Getting questions or answers from someone who has already taken the test.
    • Using a false or forged excuse to obtain an extension on a due date or delay taking an exam.

Parent Goals and Expectations

  • How important is it to your parents/guardians that your schoolwork challenges you to think?
  • How much do your parents/guardians worry about you getting a bad grade in school?