Parent Survey Sample Questions

Below you’ll find a selection of sample questions from a few of the thematic sections comprising the Challenge Success Parent Survey.

Academic Stress

  • How often does your child worry about taking tests?
  • How much does your child worry about getting into college?
  • How often does the amount of schoolwork your child has keep her/him from getting enough sleep?
  • How often does schoolwork or studying keep your child from having time for family, friends, or other activities?


  • On a typical weekday, approximately how much school-assigned homework does your child do after school?
  • When your child is doing homework, what else is your child doing?
  • During a typical week, how often are you involved with your child’s homework?


  • How much sleep does your child typically get on a weeknight? On weekends?
  • Where does your child typically keep her/his phone when s/he goes to bed at night?
  • Does your child typically use her/his phone as an alarm clock on school days to wake up?

Technology Use

  • What family norms or rules do you have about technology?
  • To what extent are you aware of what your child does on social media?
  • In your family, how often does technology interfere with family dinner or mealtime?

Family Rules and Norms

  • How often do you excuse your child from doing chores because of homework/studying?
  • From Monday through Friday, how often does your family eat a meal together?
  • Do you or your partner/spouse enforce rules with your child about maintaining a high GPA?
  • How often do you spend time together as a family?