School Program

Over 180 middle and high schools across the country have joined our School Program since 2003, partnering with Challenge Success to improve student well-being and engagement with learning. During this year-long partnership, schools use the SPACE framework to drive policy and practice changes that lead to more balanced and engaging school communities.

At the start of the program, schools create teams that include educators, parents, and students to spearhead the change effort. This team will attend conferences in both the Fall and Spring to learn research-based best practices from experts in the field and network with other school teams tackling similar challenges. Throughout the program, the team will also work alongside a Challenge Success coach to create a vision statement and action plan to explore initiatives that align with the specific needs of that school. These initiatives might relate to areas such as student schedules, curricular design, assessment, school climate, and community education.

Join the School Program and engage your school community in redefining success.

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