Our Approach

DSC_0291At Challenge Success, we provide schools and families with the information and strategies they need to create a more balanced and academically fulfilling life for their kids. We believe that effective change happens when all stakeholders— administrators, faculty, parents, counselors, and students—come together to identify problems and work on solutions. Schools involved in our program send full teams to attend intensive conferences where they work with a coach to design action plans to implement best practices in areas such as curriculum, assessment, homework, school schedule, and a healthy school climate. Each school is unique, so each team designs an individualized plan for change.

Our work with families is also based on best practices from research. Our courses, workshops, videos, and other resources offer parents guidelines and tools to help their children regain their balance, strengthen their sense of self, increase their motivation and critical thinking skills, and learn how to deal effectively with the inevitable challenges of life.

Finally, we publish scholarly articles, easy-to-read white papers, and fact sheets in order to share findings from our work and help the public make informed decisions that will enable all children to thrive.