Since 2003, Challenge Success has partnered with over 450 middle and high schools to increase academic engagement and well-being for their students. Our research-based SPACE framework guides our work with and supports school change in areas such as student schedules, curricular design, assessment, school climate, and community education.

Here are five ways that schools can partner with Challenge Success to gain practical, research-based solutions that increase student well-being and engagement with learning.

  • Join our School Program for a year-long experience to explore research-based best practices and tools from Challenge Success staff and a cohort of 50 other schools. A multi-stakeholder team from your school will attend our Fall and Spring Conferences and work with our coaches throughout the academic year to develop a site-specific action plan for positive school change.
  • Attend our Summer Leadership Seminar, a one-day professional development opportunity for school and district level leaders to explore strategies that support a more balanced and academically fulfilling experience for students.
  • Administer Student Surveys and Parent Surveys to gather multiple perspectives and identify strengths and areas for school improvement.
  • Host professional development on topics including: Making Homework Work, Well-Balanced Student, and College Fit & Engagement.
  • Host parent education workshops highlighting the parent’s role in supporting balanced, engaged children.




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