By The Numbers

We have informed and engaged students, parents, and educators in over 450 school communities.

We Reached Schools and Families in:

We Served

We Provided

Our Schools Made These Changes

  • Reduced homework and busywork
  • Changed school schedules/added late starts
  • Started parent education and student wellness programs
  • Modified grading and assessment practices
  • Implemented project-based learning
  • Launched advisories and tutorials for students

Benefits of School Change

Kids sleep more

Kids cheat less

Kids engage more in learning

Kids stress less

Kids feel better supported by teachers

Kids perform just as well or better in school

This Matters Because

High school
students need
9 hours of sleep
and only get about
6.5 hrs

87%of high school and 81% of middle school kids
admit to cheating

30%of high school students
report symptoms of

33%of high school
students are actively
disengaged in school

73%of high school students
report being often or
always stressed by

When students feel able to meet parent expectations, they are less likely to be worried
and stressed
about their schoolwork and less likely to suffer from physical
symptoms of stress
and Students are more motivated and engaged in school, and are more likely to persevere
when they feel supported by their teachers

View our Program Impact Report
for more information on changes
we are making with schools.